25/06/13 | "Let it Play" COMING SOON
Dabbla, Son of Light, Dubbledge & Philly B

25/06/13 | "You Suck" VIDEO & FREE DOWNLOAD

You Suck Poster (Philly B & Dabbla)

Today marks the launch of Philly Driven as a record label with it's first official release in the form of "You Suck". The record is produced by Philly B. & features Dabbla on vocals with Steve Gregory on flute & clarinet. This is the first single to drop in the lead up to Philly B's debut LP entitled; "Let it Play".

Catch "You Suck" for FREE from our Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages for the next 20 days.

Look out for the next video to drop, "Let it Play" which is the title track for the LP. "Let it Play" features vocals by Dabbla (LDZ, Dead Players), Son of Light (Out of Norway, Tee Productions) & Dubbledge with London Zoo's DJ Frosty on the cuts.

12/06/13 | You Suck feat. Dabbla dropping 25 June 2013

You Suck Poster (Philly B & Dabbla)
The 25 of June 2013 marks the first release for Philly Driven.

To celebrate the launch of the label we are giving away the debut single 'You Suck' for free for a limited period of 20 days.

'You Suck' is the first of a series of singles we will be dropping over the coming months in the lead up to Phily B's debut LP - 'Let it Play'. Let it Play will feature the talent of many household names from the UK rap scene & abroad and also some very special musicians gracing the productions.

The next 2 video singles to come out of Philly Driven will be 'Let it Play' featuring Dabbla of London Zoo, Son of Light out of Norway (Tee Productions) & Dubbledge and 'Lookin' 4 Cheques' which features the unmistakable voice of Mikey D.O.N (Krispy 3)

If you can't already tell how huge these releases promise to be, in the words of Mikey D.O.N himself, we suggest that you 'DO YOUR HOMEWORK PEOPLE!!!' ;)

02/03/13 | Philly Driven T-Shirts

The first range of Philly Driven T-Shirts have only been on sale at our shows so far. They will be available soon to buy directly from us here on the website. Top quality screen prints on 4 colours in all sizes...we'll keep you posted!

Philly Driven T-Shirts

24/02/13 | Steve Gregory in session with Philly & Dubtician | @ FWD Motion Studios

We had the honour of welcoming family friend Steve Gregory to the studio to track some flute, alto flute, tenor sax and clarinet for tracks on the forthcoming Philly B album. The tunes are developing beyond all expectations & The FWD Driven sound bank is starting to take shape beautifully...

More news on Philly's LP 'Let it Play' to come very soon!

Steve Gregory Recording at FWD Motion Studios for Philly Driven

19/02/13 | Numa in London | @ FWD Motion Studios

Our Brother Numa from Oslo, Norway came to stay with Philly for 3 days of intensive recording for future Philly Driven releases. We recorded some huge vocals set to feature on Philly's debut album and some forthcoming reggae releases on the label as well as a collaboration with Philly for the FWD Motion Music label.

More news of all these projects to follow very soon....

Numa at FWD Motion Studios recording vocals for Philly Driven

21/12/12 | Iñaki @ FWD Motion Studios

Iñaki aka Basque Dub Foundation came through FWD Motion studios to grace some Philly Driven riddims with live piano and organ recordings.

As well some original reggae productions which are currently in the build, heads can expect something different as this vintage reggae specialist meets with some of Philly's Hip Hop production.

Iñaki tracking piano at FWD Motion Studios with Philly B

18/01/13 | Son of Light in London

Veteran MC & Philly Driven affiliate out of Scandinavia, Son of Light came to London for his first UK show. Son & Philly put some time in at the studio to lay down some forthcoming bangers for Philly Driven. You can expect to hear some heavyweight features from Son of Light on Philly's debut album Let it Play.

Philly also left Son with some beats to take back to Norway for his & Numa's collab project which goes under the banner; "Flight 404". This is looking set to be a very exciting project & heads can look forward to hearing some different styles of Philly B production on this release. More news to come...

Son of Light from Norway with Philly B @ FWD Motion Studios

21/12/12 | Night of the Living Dread | @ Band on the Wall, Manchester

Philly B is traveling up to Manchester to join forces with his Jahphiliate family aka Mikey D.O.N & Daddy English for Mikey D.O.N's landmark night.
Night of the Living Dread in Manchester @ Band on the Wall

29/09/12 | Philly B playing at Stig of the Dump's Cannon Fodder EP launch party | @ The Jamm, Brixton

Stig of the Dump, Cannon Fodder EP Launch, Brixton Jamm, front

Stig of the Dump, Cannon Fodder EP Launch, Brixton Jamm, back

14-16/09/12 | Full live show with the Philly Driven family featuring Mikey D.O.N, Dabbla, Jam Baxter, Killer Dread & Cobes | @ The Boomp Bap Festival, A field near Peterborough

flyer for Boombap Festival

31/08/12 | Philly Driven Showcase featuring Philly B, Dabbla, Dubbledge & Killer Dread with the ASBO Disco crew for their first night in London. | @ The Hootenanny, Brixton

ASBO Disco at the Hootenanny

04/08/12 |Philly B playing at JAM BAXTER's Gruesome Features launch bash | @ The Jamm, Brixton

Jam Baxter's Gruesome Features launch, front

Jam Baxter's Gruesome Features launch, back

09/07/12 | JAM BAXTER's Gruesome Features

Jam Baxter's Gruesome Features Artwork, front

Jam Baxter's Gruesome Features Artwork,back

Gruesome Features dropped July 9th 2012 on the on High Focus records & features a massive array of talent from accross the UK.

Philly B is behind 2 of the features on Jam's LP, bringing together Mr Baxter with King Kaiow (Avalanche) & Dabbla (Eggs). This release is making noise and for good reason!

You can buy this on vinyl, CD or mp3 from the High Focus Website.

Check out Philly's production on Avalanche & Eggs here:


CATFOOD LP, London Zoo

It's finally dropped; The LONDON ZOO aka LDZ Family have just released the next offering called CATFOOD available on a limited free download (till Febuary).

The LP features the full Zoo famalam with some wicked vocal features from Verbal, Dubbledge, Stig of the Dump, Jam Baxter. Philly B's on the beats with "Physics" and a couple of dubplates including one cut by Dabbla & Rocksta on a Keith Husdon (& The Chuckles) riddim track alongside more banging production from Sumgii, Pierre Green, 184 & Tyni.

Check it out:

Mikey D.O.N & Philly B. play in Norway | TURKISH DELIGHT (Oslo, Saturday 3rd Dec)

Philly B, Mikey D.O.N, Turkish Delight, Oslo, Norway

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DREAD | (BAND ON THE WALL, Manchester, Friday 4th November)

Night Living Dread, Manchester, Philly B, Mikey D.O.N, Band on the Wall
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